Singles With Lachlan: Total Control, Bitch Diesel, and more

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Singles With Lachlan: Total Control, Bitch Diesel, and more


Single Of The Week

Total Control : Laughing At The System

A two-part bookend of the just-released 12-inch of the same name, ‘Laughing At The System’ begins with a backdrop of disorientating melodic calamity, compounded by the demented syllabic chorus bark. The closing part two discards carnival unease for riff belligerence, Total Control taking flight in sheer punk mode. Showcased during a belting Meredith appearance over the weekend, eliciting shout-along glory despite being out in the world for mere days.

Bitch Diesel : The Skull

Dredging among the filth of Australian characters (notably one named Pauline), ‘The Skull’ provides adequate filth in the mix with a little help from Gaz Liddiard at the desk. A deft evisceration of fascism’s resurgence in Australia, in the form of a tidy narrative around a nazi prick from Sydney and his impotent adoration of Pauline.


Manu Crook$ : Buddy Buddy

You only need to witness Sydney rapper Manu Crook$ live on stage to recognise his star potential, with dextrous flow and an ear for hooks clearing a way to the world stage. ‘Buddy Buddy’ switches up style to style while retaining cohesion throughout, with shades of Big Sean at his strongest, flipping into grime inflections.

What So Not ft Daniel Johns : Be Ok Again

Starting out like Daniel John is having a crack at emo SoundCloud rap, which could be interesting, if nothing else, but instead ‘Be Ok Again’ expands into What So Not’s natural tendency for EDM blowout, coupled with Johns’ sing-song melody.