Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno : Finding Shore

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Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno : Finding Shore


His pedigree is so well known that it’s almost unusual not to have collaborated with him. Tom Rogerson, the lesser-known of the duo, usually belongs to noise rockers Three Trapped Tigers. Together they’ve collaborated to release Finding Shore.

Eno & Rogerson tackle all sorts of resourceful textures available to the piano, their instrument of choice on this new album. Thirteen compositions of various lengths provide an eyewitness account of how not to stick to convention and delve into the skyways of avant-garde, through their combined winsome sounds. Compare track ‘Eastern Stack’ with ‘The Gabbard’and you are in for some delightful absurdist fun.

Trance-like repetition is the foundation for the keen conceptual framework of Rogerson and Eno and the swirling electronic ambience and loops come across as totally unplanned and organic. Yet they’re evocative, and if slightly longer, could almost pass as classical movements.

Despite the years behind Eno he continues to be relevant and provides poignant vignettes of electronic experimentalism.