Design revealed for Australian INXS Museum

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Design revealed for Australian INXS Museum


With the idea of a dedicated INXS museum being banding around for a number of years, the project has now edged closer to reality with designs for a multi-million dollar development being revealed. 

The museum building itself would be built in the shape of a giant ‘X’, with the idea being that further development would take place until the full complex spells ‘INXS’. 

At the centrepiece of the museum is the Wembley Room, that features hologram and video footage of INXS playing to over 72,000 fans during their 1991 Wembley Stadium performance. 

The museum will also house copious amounts of INXS memorabilia and archival material such as merchandise, contracts, photographs, posters and gold records. INXS Creative Advisor Christopher M. Murphy who is involved with the project has amassed over 10,000 original photos of the group, many of which have not been seen by the public. 

If development goes ahead pending council approval and funding, it would open in Ballina during 2019. 

Source: The Music Network