Silverstein : Dead Reflection

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Silverstein : Dead Reflection


While at face-value Dead Reflection seems to be an incoherent mash of the new-generation pop sound and the classic Silverstein vibe, the album offers a variety of new and exciting content for the band.


After 17 years, on their ninth studio release Silverstein prove they still have it in them to deliver a sound that will capture the attention of their audience. While an older generation of supporters may fear the admittedly overproduced pop sound delivered in songs like Cut and Run and The Afterglow, it’s hard not to appreciate Silverstein’s dedication to branching out and experimenting. If you’re in it for that classic Silverstein sound, this album still provides with songs such as Mirrorbox, while showcasing the band’s versatility on Lost Positives and Whiplash.


Frontman Shane Told shows listeners incredible growth through the versatility of his vocals, demonstrating multiple smooth transitions between heavy vocals and cleaner pop-infused hooks.


Dead Reflection’sability to combine their older, heavy sound with a newer pop-gleam is what makes this album so exciting. This is a great reflection of the talents of Silverstein, the band that always has more to come.