Japanese Breakfast : Soft Sounds From Another Planet

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Japanese Breakfast : Soft Sounds From Another Planet


Japanese Breakfast is the solo project of Michelle Zauner, who most will know from the Philly-based four-piece Little Big League. Soft Sounds From Another Planet is her second studio album under the alias and, ironically, it’ll take her from the Little Big League straight to the big league.

There’s nothing better than electronica music that’s heavy on the instrumentals, even more-so when it’s driven by soulful and melodic vocals, delivered here ever-so enchantingly. From the lyrical structure to the distorted guitar backing, this is a very good thing.

Machinist starts with a broody narrative that could’ve well been conceptualized in the ‘80s, right at the peak of the sci-fi film wave – referencing things like robot love and finishing with a killer sax solo.

Instrumental interlude Planetary Ambience is fairly straight-forward, while the title track is also the most pop-driven on the album, broken up nicely by the addition of a slide steel guitar.

Boyish adds some dreamy organ work, and along with 12 Steps, conveys a little bit of angst. The remainder falls a little short, with the slow-moving Jimmy Fallon Big, guitar-heavy Body Is A Blade and the lullaby-esque Till Death.