Holy Fuck : Bird Brains

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Holy Fuck : Bird Brains


It’s hard to know where to begin with this release. Bird Brains – the eponymous opening track – is abrasive, with dubstep-inspired bass – the first real insight into how this EP will sound. Incredibly unhinged, the opener – much like the rest of the EP – switches paths without warning.

Chains is instrumental music at its best. Rather than getting stale, the seven-minute epic wrestles against itself, with pulsating drums the only link between each section of the song. Meanwhile, Raymond is ambient music for those who can’t stand ambient music. It carries with it an impending sense of doom.

Closer New Dang is spaced-out and electronic, and the repetitive synth riff is captivating. The track is constantly on edge, and never truly reaches a satisfying conclusion, fading away before the track’s urgency peaks. This teetering is both frustrating and immensely enjoyable; a summation of the EP as a whole.

Each song on Bird Brains feels incongruous with the others in certain parts. Unpredictable and daring, the soundscapes created are utterly bizarre, resulting in a release that is prime for repeat listening. You’ll pick up something new every time.