DJ Shadow : The Mountain Has Fallen

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DJ Shadow : The Mountain Has Fallen


Bloody heck, where’d that come from? Out of nowhere swings DJ Shadow’s The Mountain Has Fallen, and true to the manner in which it’s arrived, it’s an abrupt, no-nonsense burst of everything you love about the sample-master’s reign.


Unlike 2016’s The Mountain Will Fall, it’s not an intricately fleshed-out beast in its own right – nuanced, tailored and carefully assembled to infiltrate the brain’s groove centre. Nor can you separate it thematically from its predecessor – it’s unmistakably born from the same vigour as something like Nobody Speaks. It is, however, a fantastic supplement – an exciting component that effortlessly clips onto the preexisting product, giving it all a punch of additional dazzle.


There’s a pulsating energy on each track that’s impossible not to bop along with, be it classic Shadow-flavoured funk cut Systematic orglitchy mind-melt Horror Show (featuring a top-notch Nas and Danny Brown, respectively). Good News sends shuddering charges of electronic waves crashing into you and Corridors (with Academy-Award-winning composer for Gravity, Steven Price, of all people) delivers a robust, deservedly-theatrical crescendo.


The Mountain Has Fallen is a great afterparty. Perhaps slightly less ambitious than the clarity of what came before, but it’s accessible, kinetic and a straight-up damn good time.