Pregnancy : Urgency

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Pregnancy : Urgency


Some of Melbourne’s most gifted musicians have come together to relish in the fun of brooding, ‘80s-inspired dancefloor hits. Pregnancy is the result, and the band, consisting of members of Totally Mild and The Ocean Party, has wasted no time putting out a record.

A far cry from the relaxed lo-fi of these bands, Pregnancy’ssongs centre around the shared vocals between Zac Denton and Ashley Bundang; their musical chemistry palpable even in recorded format. While the band holds back on the classic call and response of the more recognizable new wave moments, the most impressive use of their vocals is during Hard As Nails when they become layered to great effect.

Songs are transformed from their subtle indie pop grooves to epic numbers when Liam Halliwell joins the band on saxophone, Letter particularly elevated upon the instrument’s arrival. Ambrin Hasnain’s synth playing on First Kiss is also memorable, especially so when paired with Bundang’s airy delivery.

While thematically, lyrics largely revolve around feelings of disenchantment, sonically tracks are ambitiously nuanced. The band’s immediate catchiness and musical proficiency serves as the main takeaway from Urgency, Pregnancysuccessfully translating sounds from a bygone era to the present day.