New Boyz : Too Cool To Care

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New Boyz : Too Cool To Care


Alright…So New Boyz are back with their second album Too Cool To Care. After having introduced the world to ‘jerkin’on Skinny Jeanz and a Mic, the Boyz have here tried to show that they are not one-trick-ponies by showcasing a range of styles that…well…Look, this album starts off in grand enough fashion with the squealing guitar and waylaid bass of Tough Kids, but it really just goes downhill from there faster than a bike with no brakes. Too often we are presented with auto-tuned, dance-rap-pop stylings that just doesn’t seek to bring anything of substance to the table, other than lyrics that brag “If hip hop is dead, I must be immortal” and boast “Have you ever been to this space museum, well, my dick just like that telescope”. And hey, I’m all for a bit of swagger, just maybe lay off the countless dick references?! I don’t know about being too cool, but it would seem that the New Boyz certainly don’t care.