Ministry of Sound : Running Trax

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Ministry of Sound : Running Trax


Well here comes the icy chills of Winter and along with it a new compilation in the Running Trax series by Ministry of Sound. This compilation hits shelves with a rather fresh approach to the usual three-disc compilation as we know it. Ministry of Sound have entitled each disc as Jog, Run and Sprint. Yes, each disc is geared towards how you like to run while listening to the compilation. Each disc also starts with a “Warm Up Track” and finishes with a “Warm Down Track”. So if you’re one who loves keeping fit while listening to dance music then this compilation is recommended. It provides a good collection of all the songs you know, love or hate. Disc One is House music, Disc Two toughens things up a bit while Disc Three seems to rely on ‘golden oldies’ too much. In fact, Disc Three wasn’t that enjoyable, as a mix I found it lacking, including a cheesy LMFAO cover.