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Jen Cloher : Jen Cloher


The striking rhythmic drone of electric guitar rings out through Forget Myself, the opening cut to Jen Cloher’s new self-titled album. The following track Analysis Paralysis is the longest track on this record, clocking in at just under eight minutes, yet no matter how many times it plays, it’s hard to shake a Bob Dylan lyrical structure influence.


The soft mellow vocal approach in the verses of Regional Echo combined with the warm delivery of the line, “I’m never going to lose my head to a setting sun,” in the outro makes it an album highlight, and the ballad-esque tempo recalls her first two studio albums released with The Endless Sea in the mid-2000s.


Recorded with minimal overdubs and featuring performances from Courtney Barnett as well as Bones Sloane and Jen Sholakis, two or three listens through the album sees the songs take on another shape. Aiming for a classic rock feel with an importance on being intimate, on this self-titled album we see Jen Cloher produce her most comprehensive record yet. Rocking electric guitar lines, heartfelt vocal deliveries and infectious fuzzed out melodies, make this an album you should check out.