Billie Eilish : don’t smile at me

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Billie Eilish : don’t smile at me


Pop legend-in-the-making Billie Eilish has frankly put us all to shame on dont smile at me. Eilish throws her voice effortlessly between gritty and golden while casually providing one of the most powerful debuts weve seen in 2017.


The record takes full advantage of Eilishs background as a choral singer. Her top lines are beautiful in their simplicity, and her ability to harmonise seems almost second nature. The per-track attention to detail is astonishingly good. COPYCAT and WATCH lure you in before crushing you with thick, overwhelming synths that give off a smell like hot vinyl.


The way Eilish moves her mouth around,My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends,in my boy is an absolute joy to behold and party favor will have you in tears before you get a chance to process whats going on. This record is a lot to take in, but its such an experience that rewards patience and repeated listens.


At 15 years old, Billie Eilish is living and breathing proof that millennials have so much to offer our global culture. Shes a herald, and if what we see in the future is even half as good as this EP, its going to be an exciting time to be alive.