Wrap your laughing gear around these next-level bagels

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Wrap your laughing gear around these next-level bagels


The open kitchen welcomes early risers to witness the bagel baking just in time for their morning rush, with the smell of warm bread a comforting scent during the depths of a dreary Melbourne winter. Menu standouts would be the Number 12; loaded with brisket pastrami, pickles, a generous schemer of cream cheese and a dash of hot mustard that ties it all together with an incredible finish. Number 4 is also a popular choice, featuring smoked salmon, creme cheese infused with dill and caper, and a fresh salad garnish.


As we all know, it’s essentially sacrilege to enjoy a bagel without a certain caffeinated friend. That’s right, where would bagels be without their jittery cousin coffee? The two go together like creme cheese and rye. Their signature filter blend made with local Wood & Co. beans is rich, full bodied and the perfect complement to your meal.


The founders, Ben Vaughn and Michael Fee, traveled far and wide to learn the art of the majestic savory doughnut approaching their craft with a wealth of experience and the utmost respect for their dough. The bagels are boiled in honey water before being baked in one of Australia’s finest wood-fired bagel ovens. There are four styles of bagel to choose from: classic sesame, poppy seed, the Everything Bagel – with poppy, sesame, garlic and onion – and the classic cinnamon and raisin that’s best enjoyed eaten warm.


Mile End Bagels is a space to enjoy the simpler things in life. Like a freshly toasted bagel, a cup of locally brewed coffee and friend to nosh with – there’s no need to complicate perfection.