‘What if it all comes crashing down?’: Tig premieres video for vulnerable single Gingerbread House

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‘What if it all comes crashing down?’: Tig premieres video for vulnerable single Gingerbread House

Photo: Kinga Howard
words by kaya martin

Tig's journey as an artist has all the beats of a Hallmark film.

Coming from a small town in New South Wales, she grew up playing music at the local pub on Friday nights. In 2016, seeking new opportunities and the kind of anonymity that comes with a crowd, she made the move to Melbourne to pursue her dreams.

However finding herself overwhelmed with the sense of smallness the city can bring, she succumbed to the hustle and bustle and buried herself in a corporate career.

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It wasn’t until years later, during a summer holiday in Wilson’s Prom when her friends convinced her to join in an impromptu car park jam session, that Tig got her spark back. She returned home on Monday, handed in her resignation and recommitted herself to the reason she had first come to Melbourne all those years ago.

In a sense, her brand-new single Gingerbread House echoes elements of her journey. Poetic in its lyrics and visceral in its delivery, the track is about aging, finding yourself in too deep with a life you’re not even sure you want and taking note of the things that truly matter.

In the accompanying live music video, Tig performs under the setting winter sun, complementing the intimate nature of the track.

“I wrote this song as a form of letting go, it was never meant to exist permanently. But when I performed it live, people started sharing their own stories with me after the show. I realised the song was healing not just for me, and that was really special,” says Tig.

Gingerbread House marks the second single off Tig’s forthcoming debut EP, Inside Voices, set to drop on February 1, 2024.

“In writing the EP I was grappling with two things – my critical internal voice, and also the quiet ‘inside voices’ we use when we’re trying not to disrupt. I got better at acknowledging them with a grain of salt and finding the courage to say what I wanted to say anyway,” Tig says.

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