The Notwist : Close To The Glass

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The Notwist : Close To The Glass


The Notwist have juggled genres with aplomb over the years, forever anchored by frontman Markus Acher’s steady, unwavering vocal. Their eighth album, Close To The Glass, is the closest in style to 2002’s classic Neon Golden. There are moments of inspiration throughout and a select few triumphs that would make great singles, but the album is plagued by inconsistency.


Electronic bleeps in the style of Morse code open proceedings and it soon becomes clear that The Notwist are confident with their beat-splicing sound, particularly on the striking one-two opening punch of Signals and the title track. The album’s highs and lows come out of the more conventional guitar-based songs, with the immediate Kong standing out as their sharpest pop moment yet, a great contrast to the album’s nadir, the drawn-out My Bloody Valentine-aping dirge of 7-Hour-Drive.


Unfortunately, the latter song is indicative of the album’s uninspired, wavering second half, which fast leaves you hankering for the frenetic energy of the initial three songs. There are certainly enough strong tracks here to cobble together an exceptional EP, but the full album merely follows the template of their best record and never coming close to matching it.




Best Track: Kong

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In A Word: Disjointed