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All The Colours : All The Colours


All The Colours are four very suavely dressed men from Melbourne that play pop music that’s just about as fine as their matching suit blazers.

Their debut self-titled album is a breeze to listen to. It’s filled with melodies, hooks and lyrics that steadily hit the high notes, not to mention, it’s just down right easy on the ears. It manages to carefully tread a fine line that most can’t quite nail. It manages to be very easy listening but certainly not boring, forgettable or vanilla.

The fun starts off with Shame, an unabashed and enjoyable pop song that features a chorus that goes something along the lines of “oh oh oooooh oh oh oh oooo” and is sure to result in a sing along no matter who the listener is. Second To None channels the electro pop sensibilities of fellow Melbournians Strange Talk.

Fragile brings the mood down and is a much more serious and slower number compared to the fun and frivolity of the opening tracks. It has an understated synth in the background that sounds like a string section and it helps make the track something great. The song showcases the impressive range the band is capable of.

This is a quality debut release and one that is likeable from the very first listen, yet it also gets better when you invest in repeat listens. It’s good to see a Melbourne pop-rock band putting out a fresh release that’s more original than cookie-cutter.


Best Track: Second To None

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In A Word: Encompassing