The New Yorks: I Wish I Was You, But That’s Just Me

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The New Yorks: I Wish I Was You, But That’s Just Me


Opener Badman reflects the band’s namesake, sounding something like a band from the US East Coast with animated and aggressive lead guitars soaring over dynamic drum parts. Lead singer Vinnie Barbaro roars through a guttural and throaty vocal performance on Sir Wolf, a dynamically-ranged tune that has a delightfully satisfying explosion of sounds in its chorus.

The band maintains a consistent energy and tightness throughout the EP showcased on stand-out track Truman. Accented by subtle organ hits, the track is a masterclass in indie rock, ticking all the boxes from commanding guitar solos to assertive lead vocals and punchy drum performances.

The EP is divided up sonically by the dreamy but short-lived interlude Death In Modern Time. With more fleshing out, this could be a really fantastic, ambient venture. Final track We Enjoy This Too Much, rounds off the EP with the equivalent intensity of its opener. Vicious and clawing guitar chords drive the song’s powerful groove, and tie a satisfying bow on the end of the EP.

The New Yorks clearly have the ardour and gusto to produce a rewardingly fiery sound and it’ll be interesting to see their sound fleshed out into a full-length effort.