Boo Seeka: Never Too Soon

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Boo Seeka: Never Too Soon


A lot can happen in two and a half years and Boo Seeka, summed their experience up in debut album, Never Too Soon.

Opener Does This Last is a raw rollercoaster of emotions, building steadily with layered, almost-conversational vocals that we seem to be sneakily privy to. A dreamboat bass line carries Human along effortlessly, as rhythmic beats cut in halfway and lift the song to a more empowering and productive tone.

The reverberated piano line in Argo Misty is catchy and evokes slight feelings of nostalgia for the Bristol scene. Echoed vocals and samples create a maze of sound to keep your ear intrigued yet calm. A heartfelt love song slows down the pace of the album in Turn Up Your Light. Vulnerable harmonies show a different side to the duo’s talent and is sure to be an arms up moment at any festival.

You and Me, is a standout and will get your feet moving when the arpeggiated, deep synth cuts in. Steady beats keep the song pushing along while your attention is lost among the strategic commotion.