Top five animals of ‘Prey’ with Rackett

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Top five animals of ‘Prey’ with Rackett


Tongue-Eating Louse. A worm that pretends to be a tongue. This parasitic isopod enters an innocent fish via its gills, severs the fish tongue and attaches its own body to the muscles of the tongue stub. The parasite lives in the mouth of the fish, disguised as a tongue inside the fish for life.

The Killer Whale. This whale is actually a dolphin and the only dolphin or whale known to kill man. Affectionate but temperamental. This kind of volatility demands respect.

The Deep Sea Angler Fish. A fish that lives in the dark with a light above its jaw to lure prey. This fish is terrifyingly ugly and super strange. The male fish attaches himself to the female then eats his own face off including his brain, heart and eyes until he is nothing but a pair of nuts on her.

The T.Rex Leech. A giant leech with vampire teeth. This very rare and barbaric leech attacks mammal orifices.

The Hammer Head Shark. The hammer head shark uses electricity to find food and can see 360 degrees out of both eyes at the same time, from both ends of his hammer head.