The Kite String Tangle : The Kite String Tangle

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The Kite String Tangle : The Kite String Tangle


In a scene dominated by gigantic household names such as Flume, Disclosure, and Calvin Harris, it’s an audacious time for someone like Danny Harley, or as he’s more well known, The Kite String Tangle, to release a debut record. With such a competitive scene and such eager expectations, is The Kite String Tangle interesting enough to be distinctive?

Waiting is driven by infectious house beats. Brash and energetic tunes like Beneath the Canopy investigate Harley’s unrequited love with nuance, class, and a hint of poetic desperation. The more expressive and revealing Know By Now is an emotive insight into what seems like The Kite String Tangle’s diary.

The Kite String Tangle isn’t strewn with a plethora of guest singers. This means that the two features that appear on this album, Montgomery and Bridgette Amofah, are much more significant. Montgomery’s breathy feature on All I Need adds a greater sense of diversity to the album, and Amofah’s supporting role on The Prize marries two unique and harmonious voices together wonderfully.

The Kite String Tangle is a diverse and idiosyncratic sounding album. It stands out as emotionally conscious while also being compulsively danceable.