Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders : Come Undone

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Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders : Come Undone


Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders’ latest album Come Undone, takes you on a journey, falling and rising in all the right places and displaying a diverse range of tracks that have you waiting in suspense as you wonder what to expect next. The tracks combine ear-worming, full sounding melodies with heart-wrenching lyrics whose effect is amplified by frontman Lincoln le Fevre’s melt-in-your-ears vocals.

The album eases in with Ugly Enough, displaying glimmering guitar and soft vocals before introducing a heavy drum beat at the tail end of the track. From there, the energy of the album builds, providing a blend of fast-paced tracks and ballads exhibiting energetic, layered soundscapes.

The album is somehow gritty and soft all at once – it gives you everything you want and then some. The Get Go combines a foot tapping percussive beat, a slick guitar melody and le Fevre’s soaring vocals while tracks like Newcastle and Constellations offer a blend of emotive lyrics and dark melodies that smack you in the face.

Come Undone is an easy listen – something you can pop on and nod your head to – though it digs deep with thoughtful, evocative lyrics that sit perfectly against the full-force melodies displayed across the album.