Press Club show off their full potential on debut album ‘Late Teens’

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Press Club show off their full potential on debut album ‘Late Teens’


Having obviously realised their strengths and how to fully utilise them, the band recorded the album almost entirely live, adding minimal overdubs, in order to reflect the onstage sound their fans have fallen head over heels for. Compiled of fuzzy guitar-driven garage rock, built upon complex lyricism and frontwoman Natalie Foster’s intense vocals, Late Teens is as relentless as it is intricate.

Opener ‘Crash’ is exactly that, hurtling the listener into a wall of sound fuelled by a thunderous drum beat and lo-fi vocals, while the likes of ‘Suburbia’ and ‘Headwreck’ serve as more introspective offerings, brimming with emotion and an overwhelming sense of relatability.

Title track ‘Late Teens’ is so personal and raw that it arouses a visceral reaction, which is a common theme across the album. Tying the album off perfectly, ‘Stay Low’ melds the hard rock and heartfelt elements that make up Late Teens in a neat little package, finishing it off with a bang that will make you want to immediately listen to the whole thing again.

It’s no surprise that Press Club crafted each and every one of these tracks based on personal experiences – both of their own and those close to them. You can feel that element of vulnerability and genuine emotion that only comes with sharing intimate details and this allows the tracks to truly resonate with the listener on an emotional level. Although it is an intense listen, Late Teens is also extremely danceable – a very tough balance that they’ve nailed flawlessly.