The best (and worst) new singles: Lehmann B Smith, Dreams, Amyl & The Sniffers

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The best (and worst) new singles: Lehmann B Smith, Dreams, Amyl & The Sniffers


A note from our reviewer: Said it before and by golly gum I’ll say it again: dogs AFLW flag 2018. Go well, pups.

Single Of The Week

Lehmann B. Smith : Thus Must Rust

Built on a whirring rock‘n’roll foundation, ‘Thus Must Rust’ blossoms into a genre-averse, cohesive pastiche of eccentricity from the perennially underrated Lehmann B. Smith. Each moment is loaded with dizzying character. The song achieves glory on many fronts, its only detriment being an air of marathon kraut-rock cut short on running time. New album Poplar Music isout this May.

Ryan Downey : Those Eyes That Answer

Potent ‘Sexual Healing’ vibes (almost to the point of interpolation) provide a solid framework for Ryan Downey’s croon on ‘Those Eyes That Answer’, imbuing a touch of embrace and levity resulting in a fairly bliss-soaked comfort. It’s a charmer.


Amyl & The Sniffers : Cup Of Destiny

It can be a difficult thing to pull off, exclusively fangin’ it in red-line territory while still harbouring a dynamic. Amyl & The Sniffers do pull it off, thanks in great part to vocalist Amy Taylor anchoring the frenetic energy without tempering it – pure composure, lazer-sharp focus.


Dreams : No One Defeats Us

One of the most noxious urban myths (alongside the already-recorded-in-full third Sleepy Jackson LP) in the Australian music landscape has come to fruition: a fully-fledged musical collaboration between Luke Steele and Daniel Johns. And here it is: little more than turgid, aimless schlock, belying the potency of its myth in a tizz of staccato disco wank. Anyway, did you hear the third Sleepy Jackson album is recorded and ready to go?