Pick a genre, any genre, The Bergy Bandroom has it this April

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Pick a genre, any genre, The Bergy Bandroom has it this April

Melbourne music
Words by Ewen Stewart

As the dust settles on a whirlwind of music at The Bergy Bandroom, it stops, turns around and kicks off again - cause this whirlwind ain’t stopping!

The month ahead is set to be a hurricane of jazz, punk, funk and electronica. Welcome to what’s on at The Bergy Bandroom this April – where Melbourne’s eclectic music scene comes alive.

Gecko – Rad 80s Rock Show!

  • Thursday 4th April
  • With Araminta & Brigitte Bardini

Alt-rock trio, Gecko play a unique blend of funk and jazz, with punk elements splattered throughout their music. If you’ve got a bone to pick or a frown to wear, this is the place to be on the 4th of April. Driven by the rhythm section, Gecko is almost lofi punk the way the bass lines guide you around their music. Supported on the night by the indie folk of Araminta and experimental singer/songwriter Brigitte Bardini, this 80s themed rock show is sure to knock your leg warmers off.

Rebeltech 101

  • Friday 5th April
  • SIRUS, Robots in Love (NZ), Council of War 3054, Daydream Deluxe

The Bergy Bandroom has set course for the future, year 3000 – full steam ahead. Rebeltech 101 will be a synth heavy futuristic experience. With performances from Cyberpunk powerhouse SIRUS, the industrial melodica of New Zealand’s Robots in Love, energetic electronic punk outfit Council of War 3054 and dark wave dreampop artist Kayo.

Little Red Trucks – Bergy Bandroom Takeover

  • Saturday 6th April
  • Malla, Among the Restless, Sweet Temper, DJ’s Sam Go & Ollie O

Our moving friends, artists and siblings from Little Red Trucks (around the corner from the Bergy) are throwing a party, and you’re invited! This is gonna be a big one, we’re talking at least 2 little red trucks for this move. With sets from chaotic nu-jazz art-eeeests (hope you got that pronunciation) Malla, raw fiery alt-rockers Among the Restless and funky jazz quintet Sweet Temper. The night will be rounded out by Little Red Trucks own, DJs Sam Go and Ollie O.

Salsa Casera

  • Wednesday 10th April
  • With Bossa St & Quintet Concoction

A HUGE Latin jazz experience awaits at the Bergy on the 10th April – Salsa Casera are lugging their extensive array of instrumentation to the stage to provide you with a night of vibes, energy and love (I know a dangerous combination). This one will HIT! Kicking the night into gear are the bossa nova classics provided by Bossa St and the improv expertise that is, Quintet Concoction.


  • Thursday 11th April
  • With Rambal & DaffaDuck

Step into a new dimension with the ultra explosion of funk-fusionists AstroVillain. An ambient experience that will leave you lost in a world unlike your own – but somehow better. Backed by the succinctly soothing soul of Rambal and the unequivocal essence of DJ/saxophonist DaffaDuck.

Days Like These

  • Friday 12th April
  • With The Last Martyr, Headwreck (QLD) & Live Like Animals

Heavy alt-rockers, Days Like These, are coming down from above (Brisbane) to grace us with their angelic pop-punk-esque melodies that flow effortlessly over punching drums and super riffy guitars and synths. Supported by cyber-pop metalcore group The Last Martyr, nu-metal QLD outfit Headwreck and heavy pop-punk quartet Live Like Animals.


  • Saturday 13th April
  • With The Stripp & Street Sweeper

Led by (the obviously coincidentally named) guitarist/vocalist Ed Vaark, classic heavy metal four piece Aardvark produce melodic, riff heavy rock music that makes you shake your head and say “yes”. A clear-cut, but extremely well executed nod to pioneers like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, this is one for metal dads and rock kids alike. Supported by high-octane rock n rollers The Stripp and classic rock machine Street Sweeper.


  • Wednesday 17th April
  • With Dylan’s Omens, Kids Break Glass & Orphix

Up-and-coming punk rockers Subsolar are heading up the coast to the big city, emerging from their home base of Mornington to play their heavily 2010s pop-punk influenced music, to the crowd of the Bergy. Watch out for these guys – they’re heading places! Supported by new rock quartet Dylan’s Omens, alt-rock two-piece Kids Break Glass and energetic indie-punk band Orphix.

Fragile Animals

  • Thursday 18th April
  • With Sorry Dave, Council Grounds & Adored

Fragile Animals’ brand of dreamy, unrelenting shoegaze music is carving the way for a massive resurgence of the punk, garage, shoegaze scene. Music that is easy to float away to, music that pleases all the senses, music that you’d be comfortable telling your mother about. Supported by local shoegaze staples Sorry Dave, post-punk/indie-pop creatives Council Ground and wavy dreamers Adored.

Shannen James

  • Friday 19th April
  • With LOVELOVELOVE & Angus Legg

With the release of a shimmering new album, indie folk songwriter Shannen James is here to set The Bergy Bandroom alight. Her delicate yet powerful melodies punch through warm-toned guitars that float through the speakers. This will be a really special gig! Supported by emotional indie-folkster LOVELOVELOVE and punchy indie-pop artist Angus Legg.

Eye of the Enemy & Armoured Earth

  • Saturday 20th April
  • With Verona Lights & Priorities

A double headline for the ages! Eat your heart out…and your lungs, spleen and kidney. Eye of the Enemy’s death metal march will punch you in the gut and tell you to punch it back. Armoured Earth are like a revenge letter to your high school bully that you deliver in tandem with body parts through the mail. Supported by alternative metal band Verona Lights and hardcore/punk band Priorities.

Karina Lehman Quartet

  • Wednesday 24th April
  • With G_Tano & DJ Coterra

Did you know that you could Samba? I didn’t either, until I listened to Chilean/Australian singer-songwriter Karina Lehman. Her Latin American music that blends elements of pop, bossa nova, jazz and folk had me shimmying in my seat. The rhythm and soul of her melodies took a hold of me without warning. If you would like to experience this involuntary joy too then come down on the 24th April, supported by G_Tano and DJ Coterra.

The Empty Threats

  • Thursday 25th April

The Empty Threats are cool. The eccentric 5 piece hailing from Adelaide play a unique style of post-punk that rivals that of Shame and Dry Cleaning. They head in a different, unexpected direction at every point and turn within a track; a dead end becomes an off-road track that was seemingly there all along.

The Kittyhawks

  • Friday 26th April
  • With Westall 66, Dear Matilda & After School Care

Ska, reggae movers The Kittyhawks are gonna make the Bergy SHAKE on the 26th of April. Fully kitted with trumpet, sax and trombone – this night will be a riot of good times, a dance party crowded with movers and shakers. Come down if you’ve got some tension that needs releasing! Supported by midwest emo crew Westall 66, punk rockers Dear Matilda and pop-punk group After School Care.

Sienna Skies

  • Saturday 27th April
  • With No Home (USA), Harroway, Vatic & Silver Fang

Aussie emo movement pioneers Sienna Skies will please your pop-punk nostalgia to a tee. And you can tell your friends you listen to something new! “I swear it’s not My Chem again?!” Supported by northwest hardcore tribe No Home (USA), melodic metalcore band Harroway, relentless metalcore outfit Vatic and gothic metalcore crew Silver Fang.

Elle Murphy & Hattie Oates

  • Sunday 28th April
  • With Ally Rendall

Another massive double headline to round off the month at The Bergy Bandroom! Pop songstress Elle Murphy produces earworms that burrow in and dance till they drop. Emerging talent Hattie Oates has a pop energy that is matched by few. Only 19 years old and making music that soars through your car radio like a bird. Supported by eclectic pop artist Ally Rendall.

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