Kubik Frankston is a culmination of Melbourne’s vibrant music and food culture, set against a world-class installation

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Kubik Frankston is a culmination of Melbourne’s vibrant music and food culture, set against a world-class installation

The Kubik Frankston

From Berlin, Barcelona, Munich, Dubai, Paris and Milan, a unique event installation, Kubik, is making its way to Frankston, elevating the city's vibrant music and food scene.

Illuminated tanks of water become synchronised with dancing music inside the open air event space of Kubik which will be taking residence at McCombs Reserve on Frankston’s Waterfront for three weeks with an evolving program of events.

The space will be activated from Friday 5 April until Saturday 20 April as a family-friendly environment by day and through pulsating beats from world-class and local DJ and delectable culinary food truck options such as DOC Pizza and Beat Box Kitchen, and flowing beers from Frankston Brewhouse at night.

Kubik Frankston

  • Kubik Frankston is an electrifying fusion of Melbourne’s music culture and food within a world class installation
  • It will run from Friday 5 April until Saturday 20 April
  • Kubik Frankston is free and family-friendly all week, with ticketed events on weekends

Kubik Frankston have built a program of vibrant music spotlighting Melbourne’s finest DJ’s with an all local lineup across the three weekends tackling a wide array of genres and grooves.

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The Music Program – Opening Weekend

Simmer into the celebration on Friday 5 April with Mr Gavin Campbell who will be on decks playing gems from Disco to 90’s house. Entry before 7PM is free for the eager who want to soak in the Kubik space.

Taking over Saturday night is infamous performers Honeysmack Live for an improvised dance floor performance led by synthesisers from the 90’s. The inclusion of handmade drum machines offers some intrigue for the sound lovers whilst the dance floor antics are a serious sight to behold.

The first weekend ends on a high on Sunday 7 April but Mobile Disco famed Mr Eric Powell. Keeping the summer sun around, Powell will power through airy summer jams and classic disco hits. Adding the cherry to the top, Powell will be joined by a special guest, Anthony Papa, to rip through rare records from his 30,000 strong vinyl collection. This event is family and pet friendly, again with free entry prior to 7PM.

The Music Program – Week Two

Week Two is stacked with entertainment, leading in with Modular Theme Time by Rachele’s on Tuesday 9 April. A meditation on industrial past and post-industrial future, Rachele’s sound will fill the tanked environment thanks to his textured and dynamic soundscape heavy styling.

Thursday 11 April sees the space open up to families for an all-ages disco with Glow Up And Get Lit. Participants are encouraged to dress in loud light up clothes that will bounce off of the strobing lights.

Sunday 14 April is bursting with three major events. Firstly from 5PM – 7PM, the space will turn into a Swiftie dome for a full blown two hour Taylor Swift special. Taking cues from the Era’s tour, participants are encouraged to dress like Taylor whether it’s the glitter and sequins that entices you or the red lip, classic thing that you like.

Next is the French House and laidback Sunday sessions from Natural Selection and Bounce Audio. Featuring Johan Elgstrom, Charles Eddy and The Camilos, this show is a must see. The added pairing of crepes from the good people at La Louche, cocktail specials and Aperol Spritz will only elevate their rich session.

Finally the team at Pohss Studio, known for their full moon silent discos, will be offering 20 minute sessions to connect with your body’s inner groove inside the Kubik Frankston confines. Bringing tunes, high vibes and much more, this is a great end to Sunday.

The Music Program – Closing Weekend

The second last night of the incredible installation will see  UK Label BUSH Records take over the space, presenting their diverse artists in the immersive space and then closing out the Kubik’s time in Frankston with a full blown party is a special performance from The Operatives. They will be bringing with them an international name for a massive send off to the space.

There is only a short amount of time to swim in the swirling sonic and water filled surrounds of Kubik Frankston so make sure you don’t miss out.

The Kubik Frankston is open Friday 5 April, running until Saturday 20 April at Frankston Waterfront. Tickets for events can be found at https://kubik.live/