Mumford & Sons’ ‘Delta’ is an expansive display of colour and depth

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Mumford & Sons’ ‘Delta’ is an expansive display of colour and depth


Hit after hit after hit – that’s one way to describe Mumford & Sons. The British quartet are almost celebrating ten years since the release of their debut effort Sigh No More. Three full-length albums later, they introduce us to Delta – an intimate and expansive array of colour and depth.

A multi-track, initially vocal and synth piece ‘42’ sets the mood for the rest of the record, with Marcus Mumford’s raspy soothing voice providing a backbone for the rest of the band. The track builds into an epic and beautiful belter, with Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane entering in the last minute or so.

The bands distinct brand of explosive songwriting is still there, especially on tracks like ‘Guiding Light’, thanks to the presence of long-time producer Paul Epworth.

Sticking to their folk-rock roots appears to be a priority on this record, highlighted by ‘Beloved’ while country can also be heard throughout Delta, with ‘Rose of Sharon’ at the fore.

It’s another admirable outfit from Mumford & Sons who have well and truly solidified themselves within the folk-rock frame. But how can they evolve? How can they push the limits? Only time will tell for the revered quartet.