Gutter Demons : ‘No God, No Ghosts, No Saints’

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Gutter Demons : ‘No God, No Ghosts, No Saints’


Canadian psychobilly trio Gutter Demons have been kicking up a real storm for the last two decades, touring the world and blasting good old punk-infused rock’n’roll. They are currently wreaking havoc in North America and are also touring internationally in 2019. Gutter Demons have just released their fifth album No God, No Ghosts, No Saints, which demands listener’s full attention with its manic energy and cutthroat lyrics.

Opener ‘Psychotrons’ has marching riffs that fire up frontman Johnny Toxik’s growly vocals, increasing the momentum for the next track ‘Ravenous’, which revels in the inevitability of death. These guys deliver it straight, constantly hitting their bullseye and making a hard statement while they’re at it. ‘Devil’s Hand’ encapsulates rock’n’roll with its catchy riffs and pounding drums, while Toxik’s playful lyrics showcase the band’s fun spirit despite their dark exterior.

Gutter Demons certainly do revel in the thrill in the chase, despite their emphasis on the finality of death. Closing track ‘Hell for Leather’ culminates in a helter-skelter bookend; the track is just under seven minutes, but it never loses its gusto – ultimately showcasing the wild energy that makes the Gutter Demons such a fiery trio.