Middle Kids tug at the heartstrings on woozy new album Faith Crisis Pt 1

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Middle Kids tug at the heartstrings on woozy new album Faith Crisis Pt 1

middle kids
words by bryget chrisfield

Most of Middle Kids’ upcoming third record was penned under the shadow of Covid, during which new parents Hannah Joy and her bandmate hubby Tim Fitz (bassist/producer) raised their newborn, Sunny. 

In a previous interview with this scribe, Joy poetically revealed that she found songs for Faith Crisis Pt 1 “along the coastline” during solo staycations.

She rented a little beachside apartment in Bondi and, following a bout of writer’s block, Bootleg Firecracker crystalised. This mellow, contemplative lead single also unlocked some more album tracks, ushering in “the new wave” of Middle Kids. 

Second single Highlands  – “I can’t keep waiting… I need a change…” – is a sweeping jig inspired by Joy’s Scottish ancestry. Nostalgic guitar opens Dramamine, with its cute whistling refrain and elated tempo skipping blissfully along under an infatuated spell: “You are the only reason I believe in anything/ I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…” 

At Bend’s conclusion, Joy’s quivering, impassioned vocals repeat, “Maybe you’ve gotta break me to see what I’m made of” – manifesting acceptance that life is flux.

All In My Head feat. Dave Le’aupepe (Gang Of Youths) closes Faith Crisis Pt 1 with a question: “Is it all in my head?” But this piano ballad’s ascending melodies dispense hope rather than paranoia. 

The record’s overall sonic palette is vast and echoey – we visualise Julie Andrews twirling around, arms outstretched feeling free AF, on a mountaintop. Feeding parking metres, teetering “one step away from the precipice of crazy”, the world’s general fucked-upness – Faith Crisis Pt 1 searches for meaning and purpose following adversity.