Melbourne heavy rockers Dynasty deliver earth-shattering new single Lightning Strike

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Melbourne heavy rockers Dynasty deliver earth-shattering new single Lightning Strike

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Dynasty is not your average pub rock band.

Formed in 2022, the five-piece has a sound better fitting for a stadium than a sticky carpet.

Bringing together heavy rock intensity with ’80s glam epicness, the band has just unveiled their debut single, Lightning Strike. They’ll be celebrating with a massive launch party at Revolver Bandroom on March 16.

Dynasty Lightning Strike Single Launch

  • Saturday, March 16
  • Revolver Bandroom
  • Tickets are on sale now

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Opening with a swarm of squealing solos, Lightning Strike channels the rock ‘n’ roll glory days of the ’80s, when theatricality was embraced, lyrics told tales of heroes and villains, and nothing was too over the top.

The quick pace makes it all too easy to headbang along, while singer Gaj’s bellowing voice commands our attention, swinging between growls and vibrato. It’s the kind of song that would play in the background of a legendary battle scene.

“Lightning Strike describes a dark world that does not make it easy for its citizens to make good of themselves and those who try for greater things are faced with big challenges,” says the band.

Of course, in every dystopia, there’s a grain of truth – the band draws their inspiration from hustle culture and the everyday struggles we face to make something of ourselves. Glimpses can be seen in lyrics like “some yield, some fall to slumber” and “feel the fear in your bones”.

“Our favourite part of the song is the overall motivation and feeling of power that comes with the instruments and vocals, quick catchy rhythms, melodic and smooth vocals and of course the brilliantly intense solos,” says the band.

At their debut single launch on March 16, the band is expected to deliver a high-energy, fun and impressive live show, sharpened by months of gigging across town. Rumour has it they’ve also got an original 10-song album in the chamber – stay tuned for more on that soon.

“We are only scratching the surface with this first song and can promise more in the near future. Dynasty is a band in it for the long run as the founder of the band Seb says ‘This is not the backup plan, it is the plan’, so you might as well start listening as we are here to stay!”

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This article was made in partnership with Dynasty.