Henry Saiz : Balance 019

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Henry Saiz : Balance 019


Forget music genres, this compilation is just simply magnificent. Spread over two discs, I rate this as the best Balance compilation to date, beating the early James Holden and the more recent Joris Voorn. I have yet to hear Nick Warren’s effort but cannot imagine it beating this, such is the quality. Similar to Voorn with a double disc offering, what sets this apart is the non dance floor disc which is so well constructed and programmed the disappointment lies in the end of the last track. Saiz’s new moniker Hal Incandenza with Mystical Tree is one stunning track and that is against thirteen other quality tracks. If disc two is a current representative (which one would assume it is) of his club sets at the moment, then his upcoming tour of the East Coast of Australia in July should not be missed. Not enough praise can be given to this compilation.