The Potbelleez : Destination Now

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The Potbelleez : Destination Now


So it’s been awhile since the last album by The Potbelleez, their first one in fact. Yes, this is the sophomore release for the Bondi Beach based group. And I’ll say it was worth the wait. This album delivers in spades, it’s all electro pop, but the song writing seems to provide solid ground for the beats to rest upon. Songs like Shake It and Twitch provide some proper dance floor stomping material. Now you’ll all recognize the song Hello, featured in television campaigns and the like. Two songs that will reach out and grab you are 101 Reasons and Born Together, you see, the bottom half of the album takes a more melodramatic turn, with some deeper lyrics delivered by vocalist Ilan Kidron. I’ll Show You is a nice slow builder, featuring vocals by Blue MC. Standing Alone provides that epic touch the album needs, and shows how far this band has come over the years. The Potbelleez have taken their time and provided something awesome.