Lady Gaga : Born This Way – Deluxe Edition

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Lady Gaga : Born This Way – Deluxe Edition


A couple of year ago I raved about the debut of a little known lady called Lady gaga. I foresaw big things for her and my predictions couldn’t be more accurate. Fast forward today and Gaga is one of the most overrated artists on the planet. Somewhere along the way Gaga lost her way, suffering one too many hits to the head by one of her ‘little monsters’. Don’t get me wrong Gaga is talented, but overrated for what she offers. Now she is back with a new album Born This Way and despite it being far from a flop, two bad singles later in the form of Judas and Born This Way, it took The Edge of Glory to really get me interested in Gaga once again. It is a shame because Gaga is much better than this hit and miss album. There are some gems here in the form of Hair but also a lot of filler. Time will tell, but this album is no match for the more consistent The Fame Monster.