Geelong’s LEEDEN unleashes Monster, a punk-infused ride of pure rock ‘n’ roll

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Geelong’s LEEDEN unleashes Monster, a punk-infused ride of pure rock ‘n’ roll

words by staff writer

Local sonic alchemist, Matt Wilkinson, explores relationship Monsters in LEEDEN's latest single.

Along the enchanting Surf Coast emerges a force to be reckoned with – the musical concoction known as LEEDEN.

The brainchild of Geelong’s own musical virtuoso, Matt Wilkinson (of Ghost Orchid fame), LEEDEN have just unleashed their latest single, Monster, a power-packed journey through the realms of alternative rock, punk, and indie vibes.

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At just 2 minutes and 57 seconds, Monster wastes no time in asserting itself as a pure rock ‘n’ roll force thanks to a driving rush of sprinting guitars and heavy percussion. Wilkinson, celebrated for his pop-infused melodies and notable collaborations, steers LEEDEN into uncharted territories. The single’s genre-blurring brilliance, a fusion of alternative rock and punk, showcases Wilkinson’s prowess in delivering honest, commanding lyrics with punk rock energy that packs a serious punch.

Produced by the in-demand multi-instrumentalist Jaron Jay and recorded at Parker Sounds studios, ‘Monster’ delves into the murky waters of toxic relationships and friendships. Wilkinson’s rich emotive voice soars over the energetic composition, offering a ferociously invigorating journey into the realm of punk rock. The song’s intense nature reflects the unstable essence of its subject matter, ensuring an experience that grips and pulls you back in for another round, just like any good Monster should.

Standing as an expedition into the depths of alternative rock music, for Wilkinson Monster emerged from a desire to inject upbeat energy into LEEDEN’s repertoire. Collaborating with Jaron Jay in the studio transformed the original version into an intense musical entity, living up to its name in an Exorcist style projectile spew.

“The last release Leeden we put out (Skin & Bone) was a bit more of a slow pop/rock song, so I really wanted to put out an upbeat rocker, packed with plenty of energy to reflect the unstable nature of the subject matter in the lyrics,” Wilkinson shares.

“I wanted people to get to the end of the song feeling like that was INTENSE… and then let it suck you back in for another round… Like all good Monster’s do.”

The chorus lyrics serve as a haunting reminder of the Monster within toxic relationships. “This isn’t a love song ‘cos I hate you, and no, I’m not gonna change. I needed a love song and a rescue, but you know it’s not coming.”


This is a huge new offering from LEEDEN, a band born from an online collaboration between friends in different cities. Embracing influences from Arcade Fire, David Bowie, and The Beatles, these guys have earned a solid reputation for creating sonic blends that captivates and surprises.

This release follows their well-received single Skin & Bone, which earned praise for its quarantine rock vibes. The collaborative effort featured a lineup of talented artists, including Australian actor Richard Cawthorne, guitarist Ben Jarvis, Irish singer-songwriter Fieldsy, and more. Shot largely on iPhones, the video captured the essence of unity in music, showcasing the power of collaboration.

As Monster hits the airwaves, LEEDEN continues to carve its niche in the music industry. So, turn up the volume, let the Monster out, and embrace the raw, unbridled energy of Geelong’s very own musical phenomenon.

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