Flume : Skin Companion EP

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Flume : Skin Companion EP


Graciously sharing this tasting plate of tracks that were written around the same time as those that made it onto Skin, Flume keeps fans’ hunger for new music satisfied with an aural smorgasbord of decadent and cerebral ear-candy.

Opening with Trust, there’s a dreamlike nostalgia and memories of childhood in the use of the Kalimba sample that weaves its way in and out of the track. Taking a less radio friendly approach here, the arrangements feel more like textural tapestries, woven with absolute care and acute attention to detail.

Pushing syncopation to the realms of mind-boggling extremities, V shows the depth of experimentation, as the wash of what seems like metallic rain cools the soul. After shifting further from the commercial sound that’s earned a slew of accolades, Flume reminds how on point he can be with Heater. Almost too typical, there’s an air of safety that steps away from the exploratory nature of the rest of the EP and feels like the weakest link, even though on its own, it’s beautiful.

Closing off this collection of unconventional sounds is Quirk, and with unparalleled control and finesse in his virtuosity, Flumes execution and experimentation pushes boundaries while still maintaining a clear vision with his own unmistakeable sound.

By David Ohaion