Singles With Lachlan: Various Asses, Sex Drive & More

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Singles With Lachlan: Various Asses, Sex Drive & More


Single Of The Week

Various Asses : Hood Team

I kinda regret listening to this at home on headphones before hearing it live. I wanna hear it in a crammed club with a hundred or so people cutting sick at the song’s plot twist (which I won’t spoil here). But you know what, the track invokes that setting, even if you’re listening at home in your jocks. It’s dizzying, brooding, and pays off with exhilaration.


Sex Drive : Hate Home

Venom and despair drips and rips through Hate Home, “I don’t wanna be a part of this / Part of that” lines echoing UV Race’s Be Yourself, here transformed into pure fury. The opening build sets up a scope that punches above its weight. Very spicy Aussie punk.

Mezko : Everyone

Punk-techno is a crowded pond in these parts, but Mezko mix it up with equal parts acid-house and pop for something a little more refreshing. In a roundabout way, shades of turn-of-the-millennium Kylie shine through. Which is a very good thing.


Dorsal Fins : High Low

A band chockers with talent, it’s a matter of channeling it into worthy songs for Dorsal Fins. High Low kinda gets there, a little bit overcooked in parts, but still listenable. Ripper middle eight probably deserves a bit better.