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Ecca Vandal : Ecca Vandal


Melbourne-based Ecca Vandal is a promising young singer and her self-titled debut is a consolidation of the genre-hopping she’s become known for. Unfortunately, it’s this lack of focus that undermines the record, as the relatively-inexperienced songwriter spreads her talents over a range of styles she never seems entirely comfortable with.


Your Way’ opens the album with a post-punk revivalist take on gothic metal. Next up, lead single ‘Broke Days, Party Nights’ tries its hand at naughties-era dance-punk. Price of Living then splits the difference between no wave and late-’70s punk, with a swirling organ layer, gratuitous palm-muting and vocal melodies that if notated would look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Sticking to a single genre for two-and-a-half-minutes, ‘Closing Ceremony is a decent slab of alternative rock, with a sharp structure and a sweet hook in the chorus.


Standout track ‘Your Orbit explores hip hop through the lens of intergalactic funk with a guest from the ever-fresh Sampa the Great, while the verses in ‘End of Time display just how badass Vandal’s vocal chords can sound if restrained. Rounding out the sonic patchwork are some slices of R&B and a bit of UK garage.


If only it worked. Vandal is no doubt a prodigious talent, but she’s also in serious need of an editor to sort through her spectrum of ideas. It ends up sounding like a musical decathlon, which is impressive in its own way, but Ecca Vandal hasn’t mastered any of these feats quite yet.