Digitalism : I Love You Dude

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Digitalism : I Love You Dude


It seems like one helluva long time since Digitalism dropped their Idealism debut onto our eardrums back in 2007, but with their sophomore effort I Love You, Dude, the wait has been worth it. The German duo’s brand of indie electro remains more or less intact – lilting melodies and guitar driven refrains mercilessly attacked by saw toothed riffs and washes of distortion. Digitalism provide a masterful combination of diversity and coherence here: Starting with feel good ditties like 2 Circles, then moving to let-it-all-hang-out rock n roll thrashers likeForrest Gump (co-written with Julian Casablancas) and Reeperbahn, before descending deliciously into a proper acid-rave rinse out with Antibiotics (is that a Faithless sample?). Just Gazin’ is the black sheep of the family here – a low key, accoustic guitar driven post-dubstep chill session – but it still manages to own its place on the album. If you liked Idealism you’ll dig this. Definitely fresh, but still in touch with the Digitalism sounds we already love.