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Dear Seattle : Dear Seattle


Dear Seattle’s self-titled debut EP is based around dealing with a breakup, and how much it sucks. A familiar topic, but one that feels particularly impactful here. Cut You Deep is packed full of harmonies, showing off the band’s softer side. Breakout single The Meadows is an ode to risk-taking, with vocalist Brae Fisher screaming, “Fuck being safe/I’m so over it,” as crunchy guitars ring out. 

Quiet and Afterthought are more pensive, reflecting the eventual acceptance of the breakup. That’s not to say that Quiet won’t get a mosh pit or two going, with enough instrumental breakdowns to get anyone moving. Afterthought is an acceptance of the situation, featuring some of the best lyrics on the EP. Like Royal Blood’s debut, it’s a great record to help you through a breakup, but it’s also there whenever you want to rock out.

 It’s always hard to leave a relationship, but it helps when you come out the other side with a collection of killer songs. On their debut, Dear Seattle have proven they know how to write songs that hit deep.