Shaky Stills : Genuine Moonshine

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Shaky Stills : Genuine Moonshine


Cruising down Route 66 in a mid-‘60s Cadillac on a warm summer’s day is the image that’s conjured upon listening to 16 Years, the opening cut from Shaky Stills’ new album Genuine Moonshine. The keyboard cruises along and the pedal steel of Ed Bates shines in and out of the mix as the band grooves out in an extended instrumental, making it an impressive opener. If you’re a fan of bands like Raised By Eagles and Wagons, then I reckon you might just get around Shaky Stills.

Led by the lead vocal and guitar duties of Patrick Carr, Genuine Moonshine easily works together as a succinct set of ten tracks. From Dark of Night to Quarter To Three, these tracks are complimented by the sweet backing vocals of Rikki Arnot that work with Carr’s to create a rich, full, and smooth vocal sound. Killer performances from all members make this a definite highlight of local Melbourne releases for 2017.

Like a bar stool out of a backroom bar in Nashville with plenty of stories to tell, Genuine Moonshine gets better with every listen.