Cymbol dives into new territories with the hopelessly romantic single About a Girl

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Cymbol dives into new territories with the hopelessly romantic single About a Girl


Innovative and meticulous when it comes to his craft, About A Girl is the latest single from Australian-based Kiwi producer Cymbol.

With a reputation as one of the country’s most eclectic and brilliant producers, a string of releases to his name and a flair for matching melodious hooks with left-field rhythms and drops, Australian-based New Zealand producer Shivnesh Sumer, most widely known as Cymbol, has dived into romantic new sonic territories with his latest single, About A Girl.

In his most beautiful and intimate production to date, About A Girl sees a slight departure from Cymbol’s familiar sound, with the producer expanding his signature sonic palette and exploring a softer side.

What you need to know

  • ‘About a Girl’ is the latest single from Australian-based Kiwi producer Cymbol
  • Featuring vocals from Cameron Louw and This Pale Fire, the track is the most romantic in Cymbol’s catalog to date
  • It’s out now across streaming services with an official video clip on YouTube

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Joining forces with talented artists Cameron Louw and This Pale Fire, ‘About A Girl’ sees Cymbol pull the listener into a dreamy trance from the first note with muted acoustic strums and delicate electric plucks before opening up with a potent beat and gospel-inspired vocal samples.

It’s at that moment you know you’ve lost the battle and are powerless against the passionate sound of delicate melodies, entrancing basslines and hypnotic beats as Cymbol effortlessly explores young love and someone truly special.

The most romantic track in Cymbol’s catalog, ‘About A Girl’ is soft, yet powerful; explosive, yet reserved. Building on a dreamy fusion of balladry and electronica, Cameron Louw and This Pale Fire take the lead with their arresting vocals gliding over the ethereal instruments with such ease. Sounding at once slick and organic, ‘About a Girl’ is further filled with moments of precise production and elegant instrumentation.

Full of promise and exciting raw energy, ‘About A Girl’ arrives now in video form with an intimate clip, elevating the track’s romantic nature and ability to take us to faraway places, without ever moving us an inch.

“This was shot after the first wave of covid. I know its been a while since but they say good things take time and I 100% feel like this is my most precious song to date,” Cymbol explains.

“What makes it so special is the team that I worked with, they’re some of the best in the world and I’m super proud to have worked with them.”

A beacon for the new album Distractions, which is expected later this year, Cymbol foresees this release to be a landmark as he continues to separate himself from his contemporaries.

‘About A Girl (feat. Cameron Louw & This Pale Fire) is out now across streaming platforms. Check it out by heading here. 

This article was made in partnership with Cymbol.