Buddy Knox Blues

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Buddy Knox Blues


What are you looking forward to when you visit the Melbourne’s music scene? Melbourne is different to what’s happening in other cities. I like the acts, I like the venues and the people. I want to catch up with other musicians if I can. I’m going to play some good blues and have some good gigs.

How does someone from Tamworth, the country music capital of Australia, get into the blues? We had the same lives as the old blues legions. My grandfather and my father suffered discrimination and hardship growing up in the aboriginal mission. I had early exposure to Chuck Berry, B.B King and all the other Kings. I play a 335 Gibson guitar just like Chuck Berry because I wanted to be like him.

You’re said to be Australia’s B.B. King. How does his music translate to the acoustic guitar? I grew up playing acoustic guitar, that’s all we had. I first learnt all those old blues songs on the acoustic guitar – it’s different to electric, but easy. I got my new acoustic guitar in December last year. I’m in love with it but we are still building our relationship.

You’ve played in bands for a long time, first your fathers country band and then your own blues outfit. How have you found the transition to solo shows? Seems real natural. I like playing any way I can, in bands or in the duo with my son Goori. It’s all fun and I just want to get out there.

What can people expect at your upcoming Melbourne gigs? The gigs are all free and in all different types of venues and some even in the afternoon; so you’ll find someplace you like. I’m going to do some good blues, old ones, new ones, originals. Some you know and other you won’t. We’re going to have a really great time.