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Jeff Green


Tell us about your show. 2018 is my thirtieth anniversary as a stand-up.  I did my first gig when Ronald Raegan was US president. (half the readers: ‘That’s a long time.’ Other half: who the hell is Ronald Reagan?’) This is not a look-back show, but gives the odd nod to how the stand-up scene has changed.

What does your show teach the audience? There’s a bit in the show that explains to the audiences some of the major stage skills required to be a stand-up. I also confess to something I’ve never divulged on stage before.

What inspires you about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival? The chance to perform 25 shows in a row and sleep in my own bed at night.

What do you love about the Melbourne performing arts community? It’s big enough to support everyone, from the supremely talented to the glorious and enthusiasticamateurs.

What’s a fun fact about the show? I have written and performed more MICF shows than any person alive while failing to receive a single nomination for any of MICF’s myriad of comedy awards – 23 shows, zero nominations – I’d say that deserves some kind of award.

Who are your biggest influences and how have they changed you as a comedian? I loved Richard Pryor when I started out.  He showed us all what could be achieved with just a microphone.