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Craig Low


Tell us about your show. Name Dropping With Lowie is me telling stories of terrible celebrity encounters I’ve had from Russell Crowe giving me a present for my 21st birthday, coming face to face with Arnold Schwarzenegger on a sound stage in LA, being threatened by Hanson over a joke about anal and even Kanye West telling me I F&*% up his dinner. 

What’s a fun fact about the show? Name Dropping With Lowie features one specific story that I’m legally not allowed to tell in America due to a non-disclosure agreement but will be performing exclusively in Melbourne thanks to a really great entertainment attorney in LA.

Describe your show in three words. Defamation of character.

Does your show have any audience participation, if so how does it play out? During Name Dropping With Lowie the crowd is asked to name a celebrity they’ve had a terrible encounter with and every time people’s answers blow my mind. It’s always a highlight of the show, hands down.  You will leave amazed. 

What’s the best heckle you’ve ever heard? Performing at The Laugh Factory in LA when some legend stands up – smashed – and tells me that my eyes are too far apart and honestly, nothing has ever hurt my feelings more. It was magical.