World Premiere Of Foo Fighters’ Rope

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World Premiere Of Foo Fighters’ Rope


First listen to the new Foo Fighters single.

So if you love The Foo Fighters as much as we do then you’ll be thrilled to know that last night they premiered the lead single, Rope, off of their upcoming album, Wasting Light. Over the past few days they’ve been building up to this one, once again, via viral marketing.

The song greets us with delay that would make The Edge green with envy. The second guitar enters like a punch to the gut, but a good punch to the gut, like one that gives you goose bumps (if they had punches to the gut that did that). One can definitely hear the trademark Foo Fighters sound from the get go and the familiar vocals of Dave Grohl are as welcoming as an old friend coming home from a two year holiday. The sound is fresh in that it’s a sound that The Foos have not quite explored yet but retro in that it has elements of ’80s prog rock coming through. The chorus is completely different to the verse and has a hint of radio-friendly pop/rock to it. Taylor Hawkins treats us to an amazing drum solo towards the end of the song. Hawkins is amazing, but then he’d have to be to play drums in a band fronted by one of rock’s greatest drummers of all time!

Take a listen to the song here and let us know what you think.

Rope by Foo Fighters