What’s coming up for indie rocker Gio

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What’s coming up for indie rocker Gio


When did you first start making music and what led you there?

I started making music when I was about 12. My guitar was the one thing I kept with me when I was constantly moving around. It was one object I had that was mine and it always made me feel comfortable and at peace.

Tell us about your new single, ‘Your Face’.

‘Your Face’ is about a girl that was my best friend when I was growing up; she was there for me since I started school ‘til after graduation. We all have a childhood sweetheart that, when growing up, we thought everything would be perfect between you forever. And yet, years later after all the hurt and anger, you’d still be there for them.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

My sound is a feeling. The music itself ranges from full-band indie-rock to ‘60s-sounding acoustic folkish rock but in all my music, I want to create a feeling. I want listeners to get lost in it, like I do every time I record. When I write, somewhere deep inside me is speaking, it’s magic, it allows me to speak honestly and tell my story.

Any upcoming shows or new music on the horizon that Gio fans should keep an eye out for?

Masses of new music, a new EP, some solo acoustic stuff and new music pretty much monthly. Everyone at TGM (Team Gio Music) has worked over a year on this project. We have tonnes of music, videos and shows lined up for early 2020.

Check out Gio’s new single, ‘Your Face’, when it drops on Friday November 8. Head to his Facebook page to keep up to date with everything Gio.