The Lost Clog are bringing Lithuania’s rich culture to Melbourne

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The Lost Clog are bringing Lithuania’s rich culture to Melbourne

The Lost Clog

How did The Lost Clog first come together?

In the misty foggy bog of a boozy Monday lunch (yes Monday), Gub and Stepas decided that Melbourne didn’t have enough second-generation Lithuanian-quasi-acapella-polyphonic-pagan-folk-bush-band-ensembles, so naturally, we started recruiting.

What is the inspiration behind the group? What stories are you trying to tell?

Lithuanian folk music was passed to us through our parents and their parents, who were post WW2 émigrés fleeing Soviet persecution. Our music tells stories of archaic Lithuanian life celebrating harvest, love, talking horses, dancing goats, dying goats, amorous toads, drunken goddesses, drunken mosquitoes, drunken sparrows and drunks.

Who makes up The Lost Clog and how is the performance presented on stage?

The ensemble is made up of six beautiful women, and four ordinary-looking men (who have wonderful creases on their trousers). We explain the meaning of the songs, so the audience can understand why a fisherman with no bait on his hook is indeed a happy man. The audience has been known to assist in singing along, dancing, even clapping at the end of songs…

Why is The Boite so important to Melbourne’s culture?

We are incredibly fortunate have this gem of an organisation in which the relationship with musicians is engaged and caring. Live music contributes so heavily to Melbourne’s cultural fabric and The Boite has been instrumental (pun intended) in our city’s live music culture.

Are there any surprises in store for your upcoming show at Melbourne Recital Centre?

T-shirt cannons and pyro (don’t tell the Recital Centre).

Immerse yourself in Lithuanian music when The Lost Clog take over Melbourne Recital Centre on Thursday November 14. Tickets via The Boite website.