Viral Australian Idol contestant releases debut single Sorry

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Viral Australian Idol contestant releases debut single Sorry

Aaliyah Bise
words by kaya martin

The redemption arc is strong for Aaliyah Bise.

Anyone who has seen Australian Idol knows that while on the surface it’s wholesome to see talented singers get to have their moment in the spotlight, it’s also undeniably cutthroat. It is reality TV after all.

It’s hard to think of anyone who got a rougher go on the program than Aaliyah Bise. Hailing from Ballarat, the young indie pop singer-songwriter made her debut on the Channel 7 program this year with a, shall we say, sub-par performance. 

Aaliyah Bise releases debut single Sorry

  • The artist went viral after an unexpected falter during an Australian Idol audition
  • She then took to social media to show off her true vocal capabilities
  • Her debut single, Sorry, will come out on March 7 and she has an EP on the way later this year

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What’s more, the producers added a clip of her unexpected slip-up to the commercial, meaning she had to deal with watching it air again and again in the run-up to the show. 

It takes grit to move forward from a public humiliation like that. Thankfully, grit is something Aaliyah Bise has more than most. 

The singer took to social media to prove that she can, in fact, sing. In her TikToks, which have now garnered over 1.7 million views, she sounds nothing like that girl from the show.

Her voice is rich and powerful; in covers of Billie Eilish and Adele, she belts out difficult notes with ease to a comment section littered with compliments. She’s not above cracking jokes about the infamous audition clip either – she can afford to be self-deprecating because she knows her worth.


Replying to @Samantha Claire449 heres a quick improved clip hehe – they didn’t air my full audition song but does tiktok want to hear it? #australianidol #ausidol #aussie #audition #ausidol2023 #aaliyah #aaliyahbise #cover #melbourne #ballarat #singing #onlylovecanhurtlikethis #singer

♬ original sound – aaliyah

On March 7, Aaliyah Bise will release her debut single, Sorry. Taking inspiration from artists such as Lizzy McAlpine, Spacey Jane, Genevieve Stokes, and Tia Gostelow, the track is a dazzling, lyrically-complex bop that serves as an apology to her younger self.

The single precedes an EP which the artist has in the works, expected to drop later this year. Aaliyah Bise somehow managed to turn a disaster into career ammunition – it’s a comeback story with more drama than anything Australian Idol could offer. 

To pre-save Sorry by Aaliyah Bise, out on March 7, head here

This article was made in partnership with Aaliyah Bise.