Vinyl Revival

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Vinyl Revival


What sets your store apart from other record stores? Our broad range of analogue audio equipment. We’re turntable/amp/speaker specialists – that’s our schtick. Other stores may have stronger knowledge for certain genres, but our expertise lies in drawing the best possible sound from your vinyl records.

What Record Store Day releases are you most looking forward to? Zeppelin’s first ever RSD title, a yellow 7” release. Also stoked for Florence + The Machine’s last minute 7” RSD release, it’s the first single from their forthcoming album High As Hope. Cool to see RSD recognised as a platform to launch new major titles.

What’s your best advice for record collectors? Get some audio gear worthy of your collection. I know people who have beautiful record recollections but really average record players, amps or speakers. You’re missing a lot of the beauty cut into those LPs.

What can people expect if they visit you on Record Store Day? A shitload of limited edition RSD titles, storewide discounts, clearance records, equipment specials and good tunes played on sticky black wax – very loudly – all day long. Plus, our Brunswick store has a number of established Melbourne DJs doing sets at our stunning new DJ booth throughout the day.

What do you love about vinyl records? Everything. The way some collections stare at you from the shelves with the same prestige and history of great leather-bound libraries. The conversations they inspire. The respect they garner. The sounds they create. It’s their lustre, their weight, their purchase in your hand. It’s everything.