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What sets your store apart from other record stores? Our massive range of titles, user-friendliness and our 25 years of experience set us apart from other record stores in a big way.

What Record Store Day releases are you most looking forward to? The Cure’s Torn Down, David Bowie’s Now, Mac Demarco with Old Dog Demos, Mastodon’s Emperor of Sand (picture disc) as well as The National’s Boxer (live),  Neil Young’s Roxy (1973 live version), Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates (mono), Prince’s 1999, Soundgarden with A-sides, Madonna’s self titled picture disc offering and How Big The Spaceby Steven Wilson.

What can people expect if they visit you on Record Store Day? A friendly atmosphere with lots of like-minded people, all looking to find some great music to take home.

Are you holding any special events for Record Store Day? Besides opening our doors early at 9am, we are hosting plenty of giveaways and sale specials. This year we are also putting out lots of secondhand stock on the day, and there are some really exciting and unique items going out.

How many records do you generally stock? We usually stock between 7000 – 8000 new records in store, along with secondhand and sale items.