Video premiere: Music journeyman Nick Batterham delivers the delightfully serene ‘No Perfect Man’

Video premiere: Music journeyman Nick Batterham delivers the delightfully serene ‘No Perfect Man’

Image by Ursula Woods
Words by Tom Williams

Watch a musical journey of introspection and self-evaluation.

Nick Batterham has unveiled a music video to accompany the release of his new single, ‘No Perfect Man’. Directed by Ursula Woods, the video sees Batterham pensive and introspective as he confronts contemporary ideals around self-efficacy and the sometimes-needless chase for improvement.

Conceptualised in two halves, the video depicts two distinct narratives across its near-four-minute runtime. As he acquaints himself with a quaint Tasmanian cottage – preparing his setting for the performance ahead – vocals, strings and piano occupy the song’s first 90 seconds. Then the drums kick in and Batterham has taken his place at the piano, now bathed in the warm light of the cottage’s fairy lights and lamps.

Although Batterham appears isolated in the video, the honesty of his performance on camera and the song’s intimate lyrics allow the viewer to be his companion throughout the journey.

Conveying introspection was one of Batterham’s key aims for the video. “Looking inward, there is a constant desire to be a better person. That can cause us to under-appreciate our already positive attributes,” he says. “I wanted the clip to reflect this sense of self-reflection, self-observation and scrutiny.”

For over 25 years, Batterham has enjoyed an extensive solo career, while also appearing in numerous bands such as The Earthmen, Blindside and Cordrazine. He’s also written scores for a number of Australian film and television productions.

Beginning 2021 with a weekly residency at Richmond’s Palace of Magnificent Experiences, Friday’s show will coincide with the official launch party of ‘No Perfect Man’.

Check out the new clip below.

‘No Perfect Man’ is out Friday January 29 via Cheersquad Records & Tapes. Nick Batterham performs at Palace of Magnificent Experiences the same day for the final date of his month-long residency.

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